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There are currently 28 men’s prisons and 5 women’s prisons, housing over 55,000 prisoners in the state of Georgia. It is estimated that nearly 4% (around 2000 people) identify as TGNC.  This number does not include city and county facilities, nor is it reflective of those who are suffering silently and afraid for their lives to be found out.  Freedom Overground is the only organization that provides direct incarceration support for TGNC people in Georgia prisons. 

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know your rights

There is a tremendous lack of access to information in state prison facilities. A person may live a trans existence, while having never heard the word “transgender“. We have found that prison administrations and medical staff are also woefully uneducated in trans related care.  We are developing a series of resource guides to educate TGNC prison residents with information specific to their needs. This program is designed to support the health and safety of the TGNC incarcerated community. By providing residents with information regarding their rights, we are empowering them to seek out the medical care that is regularly denied in most jails and prisons. 

 The resource guides are updated annually in order to provide the most up to date information available at the time of publication.

Trans 101

Information about Trans issues and new discoveries or changes in the medical community involving TGNC health care.

Trans Prisoner's Right

Information on  TGNC prisoner’s rights and resources for trans-friendly legal assistance.

Making Medical Requests

Giving prisoners step by step instructions on the procedures for requesting hormones or gender-affirming items.

Reentry Support Work

The Burden Backpack

Burden Backpack is based on the indigenous medicine of the Burden Basket.  The basket helps us to not leave our troubles at the door of another.  When folks are returning home, they do not want to suffer the indignity of being dependent on loved ones.  Our Backpacks contain essentials for starting a new life, such as : 

  • A prepaid cell phone with minutes
  • A wallet with re-loadable cash card
  • Personal Care Items
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Steal toe work boots
  • Journal and much more.


The Medicine Bag

 The Medicine Bag reminds us that we are not alone as we walk our path. We have allies to help us learn even when times are difficult.  Our Medicine bag is a program that helps cover the cost of medical care after incarceration, so there are no lapses in treatment.  When funds are available, we also assist in therapy & trauma recovery services for Post Incarceration Syndrome.

you are not alone an neither are we

our Collaborative Programs:

The most important principle of decolonization and abolition is Community Building. Freedom Overground is working on multiple partnership programs with other community organizations to set up the ground work for community based leadership. Here you will find brief descriptions of our community partnership programs.  You can find more information on the  7 Pillars Programs and our partnerships on The Community page. 

7 Pillars, 7 Programs