Beaver- Wisdom

The beaver is a symbol of wisdom in the creation of a sustainable tribe. The beaver is creative, a problem-solver, and a hard worker that does not quit until the job is complete. Beavers do not give up on their plans or dreams.
Wisdom is the use of knowledge to impact our environment and create a more sustainable world. Wisdom is gained through experience on our journey through life. Every person has earned wisdom through their lived experiences, and those experiences bring a valuable perspective to the community. The building of a community relies on gifts given to each member. If the knowledge we have is incomplete, our impact will suffer. Never make assumptions. Wisdom is accepting responsibility and accountability, listening to advice, and understanding instruction. Is what you’re about to do kind and fair? Do you have the self-control to slow down and think about choices or rush ahead without much thought and consider the consequences later? Do you make assumptions about people or situations without asking for more information? Making assumptions means that we are disregarding truth for ease or ego. Ask questions, seek the truth, and communicate as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstanding. To have wisdom is to know the difference between right and wrong and to apply these qualities to your daily life.

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