Bear - Courage

The symbol of courage is the bear. We seek the strength and courage to face our greatest enemy, our self. Whether it’s a challenge or overcoming your fears, keeping your faith in a difficult time is one of the most courageous acts you can commit to. When things are difficult, it’s okay to be fearful and make mistakes, that’s how we learn courage. Sometimes courage is just getting out of bed in the morning. It is doing the right thing in a difficult situation, standing up for someone who’s being bullied. Courage does not always mean never being fearless. Being courageous is also choosing not to be reckless or facing up to our duties and responsibilities. Courage is a daily practice. Just a bear hibernates during the winter and rises each spring, we too need rest and renewal. The bear shows us how to live a balanced life where there is a time to be playful, a time to rest, and a time to be assertive and courageous.

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